We are really proud of our partnership with the city hall of Porto and it is with great pleasure that we announce the launch of the project Study in Porto. This platform has the aim to help those who want to come study in Porto.

Students who are interested in following their academic path in the city of Porto find in studyinporto.pt a set of useful information (in Portuguese and English), capable of assisting their integration process. From teaching and research offers in the city, through accommodation, to tips on mobility within the municipality, the shares are of a diversified scope, and also include job opportunities and suggestions for cultural and recreational activities.

Study in Porto has in its genesis a cooperation strategy, which began to be developed between the Municipality of Porto and the Academic Federation of Porto (FAP), and which was later extended and enriched with the involvement of several other universities.

Catarina Araújo, councilor for the Municipality's Youth and Sports Department, points out that the main objective of Study in Porto is "to promote Porto as a destination of excellence to study and research, to work and to live". The official also says that the platform "is aimed at international students and national students who want to come to Porto" and shares the mission outlined for the project: "We hope that this will be the instrument that will allow us to capture even more talent in the city ".

The platform will also serve to support the implementation of activities and programs, with a view to promoting Porto as a destination of excellence in the area of knowledge and innovation.

"Study, Live and Work" is the motto of the new website accessible at studyinporto.pt

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