Imagine arriving in a new place where you know nothing or anyone. With that in mind, we decided to create the Buddy Program for you, where you'll be paired with someone who lives in Porto. So, whether you are from Porto or you're coming on an Erasmus+ Program, you can participate in this and have a great time here with a new friend!


International Students:

If you're coming to Porto next semester and want an amazing ESNbuddy to show you the most beautiful city in the world, help you out in the first weeks and ultimately be your first portuguese friend:

Estudantes Portugueses:

Se quiseres ser o incrível ESNbuddy de um (ou vários) estudantes internacionais, dando a conhecer o nosso Porto ao mundo


  • Click on the button below or download the app [Papaya (ESN) on Google Play or App Store]
  • Sign up and fill the information about you
  • If you are an international student, click on the Buddy Program and choose "I need help"
  • If you are a local student, click on the Buddy Program and choose "I want to offer my help"
  • Finally "Save my subscription"

You'll receive a notification when paired with your buddy and we'll give you their contact information so you can get in touch with each other.

Don't be shy and send them a message!