Are you a running lover but still don’t know where to go? Well, this post lists the best parks and places to run, walk or just talk in Porto. There are no more excuses for not exercising!

Parque da Cidade (map here)

Pros: You can meet other runners since it’s the most popular park in town; you have lots of different landscapes such as lakes, sea and nature; there are some football fields; there are bathrooms; good accessibility (bus stops: Castelo do Queijo, e.g.); next to the beach.

Cons: Lack of signalization of the park itself; lack of security (not safe at sundown).


Avenida Brasil (map here)

Pros: Close to the sea; many bus stops; straight and flat street. 

Cons: Crowded when there’s good weather, mostly by families.


Marginal Matosinhos (map here)

Pros: A gorgeous view to the sea; near “Matosinhos Sul” metro stop; straight and flat street; starting spot for several runners. 

Cons: Crowded when there’s good weather, mostly by families.


Avenida da Boavista (map here)

Pros: 5km straight (always going up or always going down, depending on where you start); nice view when going down; many bus stops along the way, including in one end (Castelo do Queijo) and in the other end (Casa da Música).

Cons: If you want to do a round trip, it may be harder since the street goes up a lot.


Jardins do Palácio de Cristal (map here)

Pros: Wild animals; incredible view of the Douro river; lots of resting spots.

Cons: Small trails; might be crowded; not safe at night.


Marginal – Ribeira (map here)

Pros: 12,5 km between Ponte do Freixo and Castelo do Queijo; great view; lots of spots do drink water.

Cons: Crowded; flat street but not straight.


Parque Oriental da Cidade (map here)

Pros: Second biggest park of Porto (9 hectares); calm.

Cons: Difficult access (metro: Campanhã).


Marginal de Gaia (map here)

Pros: Longest seawall in the north of the country (15 km); great views; wooden walkway connecting Gaia to Espinho.

Cons: Difficult access by public transports.



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Photo by Stage 7 Photography on Unsplash