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Great news! Porto City Hall created a card addressed to all citizens with tax domicile in the city and also to students with a rented room or house. The card gives free access to all the spaces of the Museum of the City, discounts of 50% in the shows of the Municipal Theater of Porto, and access to the municipal swimming pools, in addition to other associated advantages, such as the free use of the Funicular dos Guindais.

The Porto card is described to be a physical card and a digital experience, which aims to add services and benefits from different areas, facilitating the interaction between the Municipality of Porto and its residents. Briefly, this is how the Porto. card is presented, aimed at individuals with tax domicile and students with a room or rented house in the city.

According to the City Hall website, it will also be possible to be informed by SMS if the street in which the citizen lives is cut off or to warn them about parking or traffic restrictions.

You can find more information about it here (Portuguese and English version)

The Porto. card official website, where you can check all of the advantages and also register is here (Portuguese only).

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