Guten tag beer lovers!

The great german party Oktoberfest has come to Porto for the second year running, at Fábrica Nortada.

From the 1st until the 6th of October, come celebrate the making and drinking of good beer. During these days there will be a special menu to celebrate the ocasion: for 15€ you get an entreé, a dish, desert and of course a mug of beer (0.5L)! The decoration will make you feel you're in Munich and there will be traditional German music.

During these six days there will also be concerts, jam sessions, quizzes, tours and free tastings, beer pong and a lot of other fun activities!

The traditional mugs of beer will be 3,50€ for 0.5L and 6€ for 1L.

Sunday, beer and music come together at the Happy Jam Sessions where the stage will be open for anyone to go up and play, from 17h00 until 1h00! For this day only the regular size beer will be 1€ (for all of the 6 varieties) and Oktoberfest special mugs will be 2,50€ for 0.5L and 5€ for 1L.


   1 Oct - Tuesday
   Oktoberfest opening - 21.30h
   Concert Minnerman Blues Band - 22.00h / 00.00h

   2 Oct - Wednesday
   Game room - all day
   Quiz Oktoberfest - 21.30h / 00.00h   

   3 Oct - Thursday
   Game room - all day
   Concert Batucada Radical - 22.00h / 00.00h   

   4 Oct - Friday
   Concert Fatspoon - 22.45h / 01.30.h   

   5 Oct - Saturday
   Tours e tastings FREE – 14.00h / 19.00h
   Concert Hot Silly Peppers - Tribute to Red Hot Chilli Peppers - 22.45h / 01.30.h   

   6 Out - Sunday
   Happy Jam Session – 17.00h / 01.00h