Hello, friends!


Here are some updates on what is changing in the country, regarding the pandemic Covid-19:


Citizen Stores


Starting June 1st:

- Working by appointment, use of a mask is mandatory.


Restaurants and Bars


Starting June 1st: 

- Stores with an area greater than 400m2 reopen, as well as stores and restaurants in shopping centers;

- End of maximum capacity of 50% in restaurants, keeping the minimum distance of 1.5 meters - but they can only use the entire space if they use acrylic barriers.




Starting June 1st:

- Reopening of preschools.




Starting June 1st:

- reopening of cinemas, theaters and auditoriums in accordance with the rules defined by the DGS.




Starting June 1st: 

- Reopening of the gyms according to the rules defined by the DGS.




Starting June 6th: 

- Bathing season opens.


Bars and Nightclubs


Starting June 1st: 

- Bars and clubs in Madeira can open until 2am;

- Bars and clubs in mainland Portugal remain closed.




- Tourists do not need to quarantine when entering Portugal.


General Rules


Starting May 30th:

- Religious ceremonies - community celebrations according to rules defined between the DGS and religious denominations


More importantly:


Gatherings are limited to 20 people (only 10 in the metropolitan area of Lisbon). That being said, we remind everyone that it is absolutely forbidden and illegal to throw or attend any parties with more than 20 people. 


Everyone, being Portuguese of foreign, should respect these rules imposed by the Portuguese Government. It is crucial to be aware of this, in order to progress and get rid of this virus. Let’s try not to endanger the health of others by our actions and keep up the good work so far!!


We are always here for any questions you might have or just to talk, don’t forget that!


Your friends,

ESN Porto