In the past days, ESN Porto was informed about a small COVID-19 outbreak in the Erasmus community of Porto.

If you have been in contact with a positive COVID-19 case OR if you have any symptoms associated with the virus, please call immediately the health national line SAÚDE 24: 808242424

- It’s free and available in English.
- They will tell you to self-isolate so please, in those situations, do not leave your house.

Besides, we kindly ask you to inform us ( if you have COVID-19 symptoms/you have been in contact with a positive case AND you participated in any of our events. 

Covid-19 Symptoms: 

Most common symptoms:
* fever.
* dry cough.
* tiredness.

Less common symptoms:
* aches and pains.
* sore throat.
* diarrhea.
* conjunctivitis.
* headache.
* loss of taste or smell.
* a rash on skin, or discoloration of fingers or toes.

Serious symptoms:
* difficulty breathing or shortness of breath.
* chest pain or pressure.
* loss of speech or movement.

Thank you!

Your Friends,

ESN Porto