The new state of emergency starts on Monday, November 9th, at midnight and lasts until November 23rd (can be extended for periods of 15 days), with tighter rules for the 121 municipalities in the country most affected by the pandemic - which already have their own set of rules since the 4th of November. Since Porto and all its Metropolitan Area are included in the most affected municipalities, ALL these rules apply to you.

So, what changes?

- Curfew between 11 pm and 5 am every day. It is mandatory to stay at home except for emergencies (going to the pharmacy, to the hospital, helping someone in need, etc);

- For the next two weekends, only mornings are free. That is, you will only be able to be on the public road in the morning. This means that from 1 pm on Saturday until 1 am on Sunday, and again from 1 pm on Sunday until 1 am on Monday, it is forbidden to leave the house. This measure comes with some exceptions such as travel to work, return to the house, emergency situations, a little walk in the neighborhood, or walking your pets, among others;

Can you eat in a restaurant?  

- You cannot go out for lunch, but restaurants can serve you in the takeaway mode (until 1 pm). In addition, there are also no restrictions on the delivery of meals at home.

- It is now possible to legally measure your body temperature by non-invasive means in accessing workplaces, educational establishments, public transportation, commercial establishments, cultural and sports spaces;

- It is now possible to require diagnostic tests for the COVID-19, in the access to health establishments, residential structures, educational establishments, professional establishments and in the entrance and the exit of national territory - by air or by sea - and other places, by determination of the DGS;

The other rules from the previous Contingency State remain in place, such as:

-    Events and celebrations limited to 5 people, unless from the same household;
-    Commercial establishments close until 10 pm; (exceptions: take-away, pharmacies, doctor's offices, funeral homes, gas stations, and rent-a-car);
-    Restaurants close until 10h30pm (6 people max, unless from the same household);
-    Closure of cultural facilities until 10:30 pm. 

Any questions, let us know! Let's be safe and try to improve these cases in the next few weeks, depends on us!

With Love, 

ESN Porto