Hey guys! 


The new rules for the State of Emergency will start at midnight on January 15th (Friday) and will be analyzed every 15 days, although the Prime-Minister said he believes they will stay for at least 1 month.


The rules are similar to the ones we lived in March and April 2020:


-    Home collective duty

-    Mandatory teleworking


What is open or allowed?

-    Preschools, schools, and universities 

-    Public services open by appointment

-    Doctor’s offices, hospitals, dentists, and pharmacies

-    Grocery stores and supermarkets (limited to 5 people per 100m2)

-    Religious ceremonies

-    Individual exercise outdoors


What is closed/not allowed?

-    Shopping centers

-    Restaurants, bars, and cafes (only for take-away or home delivery) - forbidden to buy alcohol after 8 pm, either in supermarkets or takeaway

-    Cultural establishments 

-    Gyms, and sports facilities

-    Hairdressers, barbershops


What about traveling?

- They maintain everything as it is, so no worries.


Let us know if you have any questions and stay home and safe

Don't forget that masks are mandatory everywhere (outdoors and indoors). 


There are fines for non-compliance with the rules.




Due to the dramatic situation Portugal is living in now, our Prime-Minister announced additional measures to the state of emergency.


-    the sale or delivery of any type of drink, even coffee, at the door of establishments is prohibited;

-    to eat food at the door, on the public road, or in the vicinity of food establishments is prohibited;

-    all dining spaces in shopping centers are closed, even if they are operating on a take-away basis;

-    all sales campaigns that promote the movement of people are prohibited;

-    it is forbidden to stay in gardens - you can still visit, but you can't  stay for long or even sit;

-    there will be limited access to places that promote the concentration of people, such as the beach and surroundings. Same for garden benches, playgrounds, or sports equipment (individual sports such as tennis and paddle too);

-    senior universities and day and social centers are closed;

-    all workers who must travel must have a "credential" to circulate. All service companies with more than 250 workers have to send in the next 48 hours the list whose face-to-face work they consider indispensable;

-    it is forbidden to move between municipalities unless you have a valid excuse (yes - taking a flight is a valid excuse);

-    all establishments of any kind close at 8 pm on weekdays and 1 pm on weekends, with the exception of the food retail that closes at 5 pm on weekends. 


OBS: Yes - schools and universities are, as of now, still OPEN.


Let us know if you have questions.

Be safe


Your Friends,

ESN Porto