Hi everyone!


We know this is an atypical time and we are all trying to learn how to deal with it the best way. Anyway, we surely don't want you to feel bored so here are some tips for you to fill up you days!


Movies and Shows


Luckily we live in the streaming era, which means we can easily (and legally!) access several movies and shows anytime we want. Even if that means using your roommate’s account. So turn on your Netflix or HBO and maybe check out one of these recommendations:


Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak

I Am Not Okay with This


Miles Davis - Birth of the Cool

A Perfect Day



Fight Club


Cooking and Recipes


Since you’re mostly staying at home, this could be an excellent opportunity to improve your cooking skills. It’ll make your prolonged stay at home much more comfortable. Here are some instagram accounts and websites to make your days more yummy!


Portuguese recipes: 




Simnett Nutrition (plant based diet):











Listening to music can be a great way to spend time. Remember those times you wish you had more time to just chill and listen to some music? Now is the perfect time. Explore new genres, revisit your favourite musics. Check out Antti Martikainen, who does fantasy themed music.


Also, check out the Stay at Home Festival, where several musician host shows from their homes, which are available through streaming: https://www.stayathomefest.com/


Fitness and Workout


Working out can be a great way to fill those boring times during the day, and you get healthier and more attractive, good for the body and soul. 


University of Porto has made available for free online classes which you can follow. These focus on different types of exercises, so it’s useful for everybody: https://cdup.up.pt/news/e-hora-do-treino


Also, be sure to check out the following resources: Blogilates for the ladies; Nike Training Club; 8Fit; Asana Rebel  and also Darebee, which is a really comprehensive database, with varied exercises, single session workouts and month long programs, fit for everybody, regardless of fitness level.


If you’re more into calisthenics here are some amazing guys to check out: OFFICIALTHENX, GMB Fitness, Antranik, Calisthenicmovement, Dominik Sky, ScottHermanFitness and Diamond Ott


Educational Youtube Channels


This can also be a great time to learn more about the world. Several of these are super entertaining, check them out:


Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell makes amazingly beautiful videos on almost every topic, they even have a video about the recent epidemic

TierZoo showcases the animal kingdom using a videogame setting

The Infographics Show explains several phenomena and historical events

3Blue1Brown explains several math, physics and scientific principles in an understandable way

PolyMatter explains several phenomena and historical events

Isaac Arthur explores future space travel and how humanity might one day travel the cosmos

Freedom in Thought helps you develop good habits and a healthy mentality

CrashCourse touches on several topics, from history to sciences, in beautifully made videos

Vsauce touches on several topics, incredible channel

Thoughty2 gives answers to life, the universe, and everything


Other ways to occupy yourself


You can also try to occupy yourself in other ways. Maybe learn a skill such as whistling or drawing, maybe a language.