Collecting Goods To Do Good

7th to 14th of June of 2019



Hey Friends!

Unfortunately, the time to say goodbye to Porto is coming… Not only to Porto, but also to these amazing months of Erasmus life, to your new friends, to ESN Puoooorto... and maybe to some of your stuff that no longer fit in your luggage or you just can’t take them back home. We know how it feels to leave your stuff behind! And for that reason, we give you another chance to leave your mark in this beautiful city! As a generous and caring soul, you can donate those things to young kids in need!! This way you can give that stuff another meaning and transform it into a special gift for children! Don't you worry, as always, ESN Porto is here to help you doing that!

What: Collecting Goods To Do Good

When:  From 7th to 14th of June

Where: ESN Porto Office (Map Here)

During this period, you can come to the ESN Porto Office and drop the things you wish to donate! We will separate them and donate it to Obra do Frei Gil, an institution that takes care of kids from 0 until 18 years old, that are taken out of dangerous situations! When you donate your belongings, you can leave your e-mail contact and we will later inform you when we donate your goods.

Your caring friends,

ESN Porto