Hello international cinephiles,

Are you interested in animation films and looking for an excuse to meet similar minded people?

Wait no longer, CINANIMA - International Animated Film Festival presents approximately 60 author animation films, under the name of Pre-Festival Cinanima na U.Porto.

This action comprises four programmes: CINANIMA's 2018 Award-Winning Films; the European Animation Awards Emile Awards, the best in Croatian animation by the Academy of Fine Arts at the University of Zagreb; and a program dedicated to Portuguese animation.

CINANIMA IN UNIVERSITIES began in 2013 with the partnership with the University of Oporto, being the first institution in the country to accept the Festival’s proposal, to which UTAD - University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro, the Universities of Aveiro and Coimbra (2016), the Universities of Beira Interior and Algarve (2017), the Catholic University School of Arts and the University of Madeira (2018) followed the steps of the first one. This year we have the Universities of Minho and the University of Azores.

The 43rd Edition of CINANIMA will take place from the 11th to the 17th November next. We are expecting you! More information: www.cinanima.pt.

WHAT: Animation film festival!!

WHEN: From 4th to 25th of October

WHERE: Rectory of University of Porto (map here)

PRICE: Free!!