Hello, Deer Friends!

(Deer… Because it’s Christmas… We’re so funny! Eheh)


It is with a warm heart that we present you one of our most thoughtful projects, dedicated to all the students that are staying in Porto for Christmas!

So, let us be clear: it’s December already! (Yap, time flew by!) Christmas is almost here and some of you are not going back home for the most magical night of the year. Well, don’t you worry, because (as usual) ESN Porto has something planned for you:


Christmas Eve With a Portuguese Family

24th December


Portuguese students are READY to welcome you in their homes, introduce you to their lovely families, feed you some typical Bacalhau (codfish) or Peru (turquey) and fill you up with energy, tradition and great mood in a very special night.Ho ho!, and of course, never forget the unending desserts! - have you heard of bolo-rei ("king cake")? Find out why he centers every Portuguese Christmas table and all the others who are keeping it company :p

You already know Portugal is a quite religious country and here Christmas eve is all about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ around your family, the Christmas tree, the Nativity Scene and absolutely amazing food!

And how is it in your country? Would you like to let a nice Portuguese family learn a bit more about your traditions?

Pretty sure you would :) Ready to sign up?

If you want, you can ask to bring a friend along with you.

Just fill up this FORM until the 20th of december.


All the information about the family that will host you will be provided via e-mail as soon as possible, never after the 21st of December.

For more info, please contact us at info@esnporto.org.


Feliz Natal from your friends,

ESN Porto