About Petiscaria Santo António:

The Petiscaria Santo António is what we call in Portugal a "Tasca", a typical portuguese restaurant with our homemade traditional food. Our dishes follow the tapas style, which consists in several small dishes with different foods and flavours, from meat to fish, from vegetables to cheeses and smoked sausages. There are currently three Petiscaria Santo António "tascas" in Porto, all of them right in the downtown district, which is the most historic part of town, making these the perfect locations for your lunch or dinner, enhancing the experience of tasting different flavours, with the more scenic and old part of town.

We are happy and proud to serve simple, traditional and homemade
portuguese food, and we hope we can share it with you!

How to proceed:

  • With your ESNcard you get 20% discount in all of our meals. Just show your ESNcard at the payment.

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