October has passed, the rain has come...sadly our little and late summer has vanished. FEAR NOT FELLOW SURFERS the weather might not be the best, but for surfing this kind of weather is the most compeling. Show us what you have learned already by mastering the winter waves and making the pros look like amateurs! 

Fun in surfing is always achievable, even when the sea is a bit rougher. Our good friends at Flower Power Surf School will show you how you can make the beach even more exciting than in the summer
Remember that if you already had a surf course before the surf open day, you still have the same discount with the free classes!
  • 8 classes for a total price of 50€; (+2 for free)
  • 4 classes for a total price of 30€. (+1 for free)

Don't forget, to confirm your registration you should pay in ESN Porto Office (map here)!

Note: You can use your classes until a month later from the day you first used them.

Choose the pack of classes you want:


Information about the ESN Porto Surf Course:

The classes will take place in Matosinhos, at FlowerPower Surf School. The teachers are qualified and have ample experience as surf trainers. The price includes all the material you need during the classes (board and suit) and personal insurance. You will have a place to change your clothes and get equipped right by the beach (don’t forget to take a towel). The classes will last around 2 hours. There are classes every day at 11 am and 3 pm. You can take your classes in any day of your choosing as long as it respects the class schedule.

It is very important that if you have any problem or accident always talk to your instructor so he can be aware of the situation.

We remind you that for this activity, once again, you only can participate if you have an ESNcard.

Any doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail: surf@esnporto.org

How to get there (surf school):

  • Bus stop: Edifício Transparente. You can catch the bus 500 in front of São Bento Train Station.
  • Metro Stop: Matosinhos Sul, then 10 minutes walking.


Your Friends,
ESN Porto