Hey lovely erasmus people!

Are you enjoying your erasmus here in Porto? Do you like the food, the companionship and specially the culture? Do you see yourself wanting to stay here for ever??

If so, we can help you get started in basic stuff such as figuring out what job is best for you, what skills you will need to develop and which desirable skills you already possess, how to spot opportunities and all that.

If you're interested in getting to know Porto's companies and maybe look for jobs, then Pitch Bootcamp is the event for you!

In there, you will be able to find the answers to questions such as: should I find a job or keep studying?, should I choose a big company or a start-up?, should I choose a high salary or opportunities to grow?

You will also be able to develop some skills related to job hunting, and meet many companies!

WHAT: Pitch Bootcamp, job hunting and skills development fair.

WHEN: 25th and 26th of October,

WHERE: FCUP (map here)

PRICE: 30€

If you are interested, you can register in sparkagency.pt/bootcamp