Dear Erasmus,

Going on Erasmus is an amazing opportunity to study abroad in a different country and encounter different cultures. It helps you gain intercultural skills to improve your career chances for the future, build up an international network and improve your languages. 


However, it might also cause a change in your lifestyle. In order to understand your habits during your exchange, we are asking for your help. We need your help to understand how students travel, eat and shop during their exchange year. 


By doing so, you have the chance to contribute to the latest research that will impact the Erasmus+ programme and  2 respondents will be able to win 2 interrail tickets that allow them to travel with a friend for 7 days in a month across 33 countries valued at 670 EUR. 


Tell us about your exchange experience by filling out the survey here.


The survey is already online, and will be running until the 9th of June 2021.