From April 4th to 7th, the Erasmus Generation Meeting (EGM), an international event that gathers over 1,000 ESN volunteers, took place in Seville, Spain. At the closing ceremony, Porto got the award of “Erasmus Destination of the Year” of 2024, spotlighting Porto as a top choice for international students, offering a unique combination of amazing culture and academic experiences!

EGM is a significant event that reunites ESNers from all over Europe to discuss the future of student mobility. This year, the focus was on themes like digitalization, sustainability, inclusion, and democratic participation. Through various workshops, debates, and networking opportunities, the event promoted student exchange programs and other initiatives.

Porto was running against other four finalists, Istanbul, Nicosia, Sofia, and Seville—the host city. The recognition, granted by the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) in partnership with the European Commission, highlights Porto's commitment to caring for and inspiring student mobility and inclusion, as well as the role of local student associations in creating a welcoming environment for such a beautiful community.

Vitor Bizarro, president of ESN Porto, expressed his enthusiasm about the award, saying, "we feel our efforts have been recognized. As student volunteers, we will continue our hard work to make Porto an increasingly welcoming city. We want every international student to feel at home, continue choosing our Porto, and leave with all the good memories that Invicta provides." "Invicta" is Porto's nickname, symbolizing the city's resilient spirit.

At ESN Porto, we organize a variety of cultural, educational, and social activities to ensure each and every international student has a rewarding experience during their stay in the city. We support over 3,000 international students each year, with a significant number coming from Italy, Spain, and Brazil. Whether it's guided tours, language exchanges, or social gatherings, there's always something interesting to do!

For those studying in Porto, you're in for a memorable experience! The city has been recognized as the best Erasmus destination for a reason. Enjoy your time here, build lasting friendships, and make memories that will stay with you for a lifetime. Porto is not just a place to study—it's also a gateway to new experiences and opportunities!