What is the ESNbuddy?

The BuddyPorto project was initiated by ESN Porto in 2007, with the objective of welcoming and helping the students of Erasmus coming to the city of Porto. The project is based on the principles of volunteer work and intercultural exchange. In 2016, the project was renamed to ESNbuddy, but the philosophy remains.

Who are the Buddies?
Buddies are students from Universities in Porto that agree to welcome Erasmus students and help them get settled.
Things that a Buddy might do are, for example, picking up the students at the airport, help them find a place to live, enroll and get around in the city.

 What's in it for the Buddy?
The main reward is the contact itself between Buddies and Erasmus students. Being a Buddy is often the best way to feel the "Erasmus spirit" back home. So it's no wonder that most Buddies have either been or Erasmus before or intend to in the near future.
Buddies also get a few other benefits, such as notice of Erasmus Parties organised by ESN Porto or the chance to participate in some of our activities that otherwise would be Erasmus-only.

 What's in it for the Erasmus student?
Erasmus students benefit primarily from all the help they get settling in. The first few weeks are known to be the hardest for any Erasmus, facing a different country, language, new habits. That's why ESNbuddy exists. On the other hand, having a Buddy may be of some help in terms of making friends in the local student community. After all, there is a lot more to the Erasmus experience than classes and other Erasmus. ;)