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Last updated on July 09th;


State of Calamity 



(Porto is currently a municipality with a very high risk of transmission of Covid-19.)


A digital certificate or a negative test is now required:


  • in tourist establishments and local accommodation, every day and throughout the national territory;
  • in the access to the interior of restaurants (and not to terraces), on Fridays from 19h and during weekends and holidays;


There are four types of tests that are accepted for restaurants and tourist and local accommodation establishments:


- PCR test, performed within 72 hours prior to presentation;

- Antigen test with a laboratory report, carried out within 48 hours prior to its presentation;

- Rapid antigen test in self-test mode, carried out within 24 hours prior to its presentation in the presence of a health or pharmaceutical professional who certifies that it has been carried out and its result;

- Rapid antigen test in the self-test mode, carried out at the door of the establishment you intend to attend, under verification by those responsible for these spaces.


These specific measures above begin on July 10th, at 15h30h.


The rules below begin on July 09th, at 19h. Lisbon is not under siege anymore


There are fines for non-compliance with the rules.


— Restaurants, coffee shops, and bakeries can be open until 22h30 during the week and until 15h30 at the weekend (indoor, with a maximum of 4 people per group; on the terrace, 6 people per group); 


— Cultural shows until 22h30 with rooms having a capacity of 50%. Outside the concert halls there must be marked seats and DGS distancing rules must be complied with;


— Food retailers and non-food retailers will be open until 21h during the week and until 19h on weekends and holidays;


— Non-food retail trade until 21h during the week and until 15h30 on weekends and holidays;


— Sports training and amateur modalities must have marked places and distance rules defined by DGS; sports venues, including football stadiums, now have a maximum capacity of 33%.


— Public transport in which there are only seating places can have full capacity; public transport with seating and standing can have a capacity of 2/3;


— Shopping centers open until 21h during the weekdays and until 19h during weekends;


— Gyms without group classes, low and medical risk sports


— The purchase of alcoholic drinks will last until 21h, but it’s still forbidden to drink them on the streets; 


— Beaches will remain with rules of last summer: distancing is very important, and the number of people there will be controlled;


— The general duty of staying at home will continue;


— Mandatory curfew between 23h and 5h;


—  Mandatory telework when activities allow;


—  The digital certificate or a negative test is now required inside the restaurants (and not on the terrace), on Fridays from 19h and during weekends and holidays;


—  Outdoor events with reduced capacity, to be defined by DGS;


—  Citizen Shops with face-to-face service by appointment


—  Weddings and baptisms with 25% of the capacity;



But there are also things that remain the same: bars and clubs are still closed, parties and popular pilgrimages are still prohibited, and weddings can only take place with a maximum capacity of 50%.


As of June 28, all municipalities that have complied with the defined sanitary criteria may continue to deconfine, and these are the measures planned for that date: public transport without restriction of capacity, and Citizen shops operating without prior appointment.


It should be remembered that the sanitary criteria that decide whether or not a municipality advances in decontamination were slightly altered by the Government, to distinguish between municipalities with low and high population density.


Masks are still mandatory in public spaces


These measures will be reevaluated often, depending on how the situation evolves. We will bring more news once they are available.


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Be safe.


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