TeamWay is a group of entrepreneurs who use social marketing as their way of living. They have a program that relies on 3 basis:

  1. Education and Mentoring, which consists of a new form of education for a mindset that is alined with prosperity and that includes personalized mentoring for each entrepreneur, working soft skills as communication, leading, self-estime and vision.
  2. Sustainable consume, which promotes a certain consume according to the ecological and social conciousness ideas and values, by working together with many other sustainable brands and criating awareness projects related to this matter.
  3. Entrepreneurship, according to which they believe this is the way to produce the change we want to see in our world and for that reason they have their own simples business that allows any person to join our movements and to be a sustainable entrepreneur.


In the middle of all the things TeamWay has to offer you, together with the project Vitamina-te and in partnership with ESN Porto, we offer you the possibility of becoming an eco-friendly consumer. With this Eco-Friendly Home Kit that includes 1L of dish washer, organic concentrate liquid for all type of cleansing and 1kg of concentrated laundry powder. These products are all made out of biodegradable plastics, recycled paper and bioquest formulas.

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