Hey Hey Heeeyyyy
Have you recovered from the last party? Sure, you're already used to partying with us every Wednesday but...
Do you know that insane moment before the beat drops?
Wait waaait waaaaaait...BAM! That's right! If you want to have a Wednesday with a bang come and join us at Erasmusland Partyyy!
We all know there are two things that you love: partying (with us ahaha) and summer festivals, so we decided to join them and create our own festival!
This party it will be EPIC, we promise you'll never forget it!
And, of course, we'll have some surprises for you, so don't miss out!

What: Erasmusland Party
When: Wednesday, 16th of October
Where: Boite (map here)
Price: Free!
What to bring: ESNcard
Drink Prices:
~Spirits 4€
~Beer 2€
~Shots 2.5€
~Service Bottle 70€
~Private with 2 Service Bottles 200€
~Private with 2 Premium Bottles 250€
Note: Due to the conditions and activities included, this event is not (fully) accessible to people with reduced mobility.
This is a private party and the right of admission is reserved to ESN Porto.
Your party friends,
 ESN Porto